Giovanna Politi tells us the simple feelings of everyday life with a style that is sometimes direct, immediate, sometimes metaphorical and surreal. A Poetry of love, represented in its immediacy and typicality, far from the existential and even transcendent implications of much lyrical poetry. Its transgressive theme postulates a precious but not pretentious language, cultivated and cultured, refined and rarefied, but always accessible to the heart of those who read.
A figurative and emotional content always intense whose melancholy is linked to the ambivalence of pleasure. Giovanna offers us a knowledge, of ourselves first and then also of others, realized through the fantasy of her vowels and the alliterations of her consonants. A poetic that is extremely sensual, exhausting yet sweet, a continuous fire of the heart. Giovanna Politi is a barefoot, sensual and a bit naughty Princess who crosses the large living room of the Life, regardless of clichés, perbenisms and obtuseness. Her poetics can only be Passion in the etymological sense of the term, because the fertility of life (and Love) is always born from a natural labor: there is no real ecstasy without authentic torment.

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