The young protagonist, Donato, tells his life path, marked by a serious accident occurred in his infancy. His family is protective and full of human warmth, but always attentive to convey to him the importance of willpower and hard work in achieving any goal.
Now a boy, he is eager for new experiences, to know the world and to measure himself with life, even outside the protected environment in which he lived. His adventure as a Paralympic athlete begins almost by chance, but enthusiasm and determination are the engine that allows the boy to inaugurate a career full of exceptional achievements, despite some difficult moments. Although Donato is a strong boy, who eschews pity and always tries not to give up, he is not devoid of insecurities and moments of fragility.
His strength, even in moments of anger or disappointment, is his ability to always make his luminous and volitional nature prevail, his confidence in a Good that in some way accompanies and sustains his existence, whether it is his religious faith or his worldly affections.

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