Io sono l’a-more teaches to listen beyond the audible range. It’s a sensual, passionate narration, but it’s also the description of the human nature in all its frailty and its contradictory beauty. Incoherent, suffering, mortal men are saved by the unique wonder that, suddenly, breaks in and prevails: love. Because to love means to live. Who loved, even just for a while, he sublimated his soul making it immortal.
Livia, the main character, is a deaf from birth girl. She unveils her muffled and silent world where, using her hands like flying swallows, in sign language, she shares her daily life, her solitude, her special feeling with her mum and her magic one with her grand-mother. She manages to repair her hate relationship with her absent father, finding herself free from all grudges. Livia tells her irrepressible love for poetry. She loves Lorenzo. The logic of love clashes with every mock modesty, it turns, after the unrestrained passion, in compassion and gift. Io sono l’a-more goes beyond all human logic, it upsets every plan and every destiny, it shocks the innermost feelings to come to the only possible conclusion: only love saves.

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