Pasquale Rineli, in his latest work, provides, perhaps for the first time, the necessary answers to the great existential and doctrinal questions quite rightly raised, after the Nazi “Final Solution”, by the Jewish writer and Nobel Peace Prize Elie Wiesel, recently deceased, by Primo Levi and by many other men. Israele – Vicende e destino di un Popolo is part of an entire book series about Israel, created by the author and titled Una voce per Israele. With a simple and clear literary style, accessible to all, also to the “non-experts”, Pasquale Rineli, by examining some biblical prophecies (concerning Israel) and processing Job’s situation, told in the homonymous Sacred book, with the, history, especially the recent one, of the Jewish people, gave a precise, logical and rational trend to why Holocaust and mass genocide happened.

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