One night, during a party, the beautiful Marquise Marina di Favignana is raped. The only clue to discover her assailant is a small Buddha, which fell out of the man’s pocket immediately after the incident. That same evening Marina meets the handsome young Vanni Mazza, who, with his charm, will breach her heart. But behind that happy union lies a deception. Vanni, an inveterate gambler, has indeed married Marina to get his hands on her immense assets, of which he will manage to squander much during the years of marriage. Once she realizes the situation, she will try to block everything. Some accidents at sea will follow and Marina will risk drowning. It is there that she will meet Fausto, famous writer, who rushes to save her from drowning and who will fall in love, reciprocated, of her. During a kidnapping of which she remains a victim, Marina will find that her rapist of many years before is the man she married. Will she forget everything and start a new life? Will the affection of her family and the love of Fausto suffice to erase years lived in lies? And it’s just when we least expect it that the heart comes back to beat hard and the eyes to shine…

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